Chimney Boss

Chimney Boss provides resources on the installations of chimneys, fireplaces, and dryer vents; cleaning, repairs, and replacements, including the costs involved.

Here, we’ll be discussing the components and working of a chimney, installing, repairing, and caring for such units. We’ll also be reviewing standard procedures for inspection and sweeping, as well as fixing common chimney problems.

We also have a section on gas, electric, wood stoves, and other types of fireplaces.

Our guides focus on different inserts and fuels, installation, repair, maintenance, and cleaning a fireplace.

We have also discussed treating problems such as odors, safety issues to prevent fire, as well as other issues related to the parts, working, and usage of most fireplaces.

Additionally, we have prepared several guides reviewing products and supplies for chimney and fireplace cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

We’ve analyzed popular equipment brands necessary for most DIYs, as well as tool options vital to carrying out professional jobs.

There is also a section that covers installation costs, cleaning prices, repair fee estimates, as well as the cost involved in inspecting and replacing the chimney, fireplace, and components, in most homes.

We’ve provided average industry estimates that most services charge, including factors that impact such rates.

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