How Much Does Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Cleaning Cost?

How much does it cost to clean a chimney? Here is an estimated guide for sweep and fireplace cleaning prices.

One of several maintenance routines performed by homeowners is chimney cleaning and sweep. This is targeted at improving the condition and functionality of chimneys and fireplaces.

While that is true, the cost implication for carrying out such maintenance services is equally important.

This is why we’ve focused on this area by discussing chimney and fireplace cleaning sweep costs. As a homeowner in need of chimney cleaning, you’re more likely than not to find this interesting and informative.

Join us as we tackle the various aspects of cleaning costs right here.

How Much Does A Chimney Sweep Cost?

The cost of chimney and fireplace cleaning is affected by multiple factors.

These factors influence the service costs paid by clients. Before going into such details, it’s necessary to highlight the average cleaning costs including the low and high range.

It will cost you an average of $200 to perform this service. Depending on the condition of your chimney, you may pay as low as $80 for a cleaning job or as much as $500. It all depends on the condition of your chimney.

Speaking of chimney condition, a chimney sweep sets out to ascertain the overall state of the chimney. This includes performance, possible issues as well fixes to such problems.

The level of work (cleaning and repairs) to be performed forms the basis for price estimations.

Below is a guide on how much to sweep a chimney.

Chimney Sweep Cost By Type

Chimney and fireplace cleaning costs are largely determined by the type of chimney involved. In other words, the fuel being combusted determines the intensity of cleaning.

Based on this classification, several chimney types include a pellet stove, gas fireplace, wood stove, and wood-burning chimneys.

  • Pellet Stove Chimney Cleaning Costs

Pellets are a type of fuel used for residential heating.

Combusting these fuels will leave deposits and residues that have to be cleared up and cleaned. However, it’s important to state that cleaning the chimney and fireplace can be performed simultaneously by an experienced technician.

A chimney service will charge a cleaning fee of around $130 to $200. In case of any chimney defects, repair costs may be significantly higher. What you end up paying will depend on your chimney’s condition.

  • Chimney Cleaning Cost For Gas Fireplaces

Gas is considered one of the cleanest and environmentally friendly combustion fuels.

This is mostly the best option for homeowners on a budget. While a chimney may not be a significant requirement for a gas fireplace, it’s sometimes built for aesthetic purposes.

Gas fireplace cleaning is necessary to clean up animal dander, soot, and dust among other forms of debris. The cost for such a job falls within the $80 to $130 range.

  • Cleaning Cost For Wood Stove Chimneys

As long as the wood is used for combustion, it’s bound to create creosote deposits. While smoke and other combustion gases are vented out through the chimney, creosotes form on chimney walls through condensation.

When left unattended, creosote deposits get glazed over, thus becoming even tougher to get rid of. As creosotes accumulate, the risk of a chimney fire mounts. Cleaning a chimney and wood stove will cost around $150 to $300.

  • Cleaning Cost for Wood Burning Chimneys

If you have a wood-burning fireplace and chimney, you’ll need a lot of maintenance to keep it functional. As with wood-burning stoves, wood fireplaces, all sorts of combustion by-products are released including creosotes.

Cleaning costs for these will fall within the $160 to $240 range.

Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Levels Matter

Before a chimney and fireplace ever get cleaned, it needs to be inspected. The professional chimney sweep performs this procedure starting with level 1. Level one inspection is mostly visual and doesn’t require the use of specialized equipment.

Using a flashlight, the chimney is inspected and possible faults such as cracks are noted. The cost for level 1 inspection including cleaning will fall within the $85 to $950 range. Level 2 inspections are a lot more detailed and include the deployment of cameras. This will cost around $150 to $1,000.

Level three chimney inspection is invasive and will require opening up or dismantling parts of the structure for further detailed inspection. The cost for this procedure covers cleaning and repairs.

As such, it will cost around $500 to $5,000. Here is a guide on inspection costs.

Animal Removal Cost

As part of the cleaning process, an inspection may reveal the presence of animals nesting within your chimney. Now, such animals need to be removed and the chimney cleaned.

Removing the obstruction caused by animal presence will cost around $100 to $700.

How Much Is A Major Chimney Cleaning?

There are cases of neglect where wood-burning fireplaces and chimneys have been left unattended for years. This is a major fire hazard that could ignite at any time due to creosote buildup.

A chimney sweep will need more hours to clean up the chimney and fireplace.

The added time and effort, as well as the state of the chimney, add up to overall costs. Therefore, you’re likely to spend as much as $800 or more.

Additional Chimney Services

It’s important when calling for chimney cleaning jobs to be ready for surprises. There are times when a bigger problem may be detected in the process of cleaning or inspection.

You’ll need to have such issues fixed immediately. This will significantly increase your overall costs.

Estimated Costs For DIY Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning

While DIY procedures for chimney cleaning may seem attractive to some people, we recommend you allow the pros to handle the job. This is due to the many risks involved.

However, if you must, the cost of cleaning shouldn’t be much apart from purchasing the cleaning kits used.

The cost for basic chimney and fireplace cleaning kits should cost around $50 to $100.

These are the cost details for chimney and fireplace cleaning and sweep cost. As mentioned earlier, the exact cost for a chimney and fireplace cleaning job depends on the state or condition of your chimney.

Other factors such as your location, the chimney service used, and hours spent will also impact cleaning costs.

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